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Room2 is an inclusive creative arts, education and community development organisation that develops sustained participatory arts and inclusion programmes and support for excluded and disadvantaged groups. We deliver arts programs in prisons, schools and the community, as well as offer outreach in mentoring, tuition and basic skills achievement (adult literacy).

Our approach is based on a holistic model for social inclusion. We believe in order to successfully transition from being “at risk” and/or society’s outskirts (e.g. prison, exclusion from school), a range of necessary elements must be brought together, including personal development, education and a strong and consistent support network. Our programmes offer participants an opportunity to accumulate “human capital” (qualifications skills and abilities), “identity capital” (self-worth) and “social capital” (a supportive network of friends and colleagues), thus encouraging pro-social behaviour and choices.











“This activity has promoted an extremely positive learning experience” -Deputy Head of Education at HMP Pentonville










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The Room 2 workshops support the school’s PHSE programme extremely well” and for provide very good opportunities in aspects of behaviour and social skills which involve students working together with others. -Ofsted 2013









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“The mentoring course really helped me think about what I want to with my future and my confidence is so much better. I’ve applied for an access course and I’m hopefully going to go to Uni next year”. -Project participant












Are You Listening?  - Visit Our Blog! 


Walking outside, past the wings in most prisons you will hear the words “are you listening?” bellow

out of a window and bounce off the buildings and across the yard. A few seconds later, “go on”

will be bounced right back. This is how most window to window exchanges begin. Between each

sentence, the initiator repeats the phrase “are you listening?” to ensure he still holds the attention

of the other party in the conversation. With little to engage with or be distracted by while in their

cell, these window to window exchanges become a regular part of the prisoners’ life. The words

exchanged become precious, holding thoughts, ideas, good news, bad news, revelations and more,

and the constant need to ensure they are not being lost, by repeating the words “are you listening?”,

reflects the speaker’s acknowledgment that of the few things he has left, his words are of the utmost


This blog asks our readers the same question, “are you listening?”. Here, we chronicle some ideas,

thoughts, examples, successes, experiences, inspirations and challenges, that we come across in our

work. This is a space for anyone and everyone to share, express and simply ask “are you listening?”

As a community, a city, a country, a world, let us respond “go on”.

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“I have been in jail for a long time and this is my best experience to date, in term of what I have gained- confidence, pride, self-esteem, a sense of achievement- we hear these words all the time, but actually feeling it is something else. It feels good” – Craig, Project participant













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